Saturday, November 18, 2023

Membrane Legacy 1.4


After a night of fitful sleep, Professor Membrane begins his morning routine, it felt almost religious. And it begins with a grilled cheese sandwich.

Something was off this morning. Professor felt like he was being watched and was unable to fully enjoy his grilled cheese. Sure enough, there was a knock at the door.

A disgusting little blonde man with a shrill voice stood outside his door talking on the phone. In his hands was a strange loaf, likely poisoned. He gave a name to someone on the phone, "Jarney"- He was clearly an operative of some sort, perhaps from the old branch of FutureSim Labs, or worse, the SIA (Sim Intelligence Agency) 
Regardless. It was clear that someone had taken notice of Professor, he was too loose-lipped discussing the Incident with his colleagues at the old office. Someone must have reported him for knowing too much. He decided at this moment that he would make an attempt to be.. "Normal". A normal person would greet his neighbor.

Professor really tried to feign interest in Jarney's psychobabble, but it was near impossible. If this was the best agent FutureSim or the SIA had to spy on him, he had nothing to worry about. Disarmed, he decided to allow Jarney inside.

Professor had no idea what he was getting himself into.

Membrane Legacy 1.3


Dear Diary,
I am haunted by the nightmare again. The dreamscape is visceral, it feels like I am truly back in that body. It's the same chain of events in my other entries, just the way I remembered them in waking life, in the child's body. It starts out the same way as always. I am in my bedroom reading The Pocket Guide to Mathematical Logic under the covers. For some reason I felt nervous tonight, it was taking me a while to fall asleep.

After some period of time I am able to fall asleep. My sleep is fitful, full of flashing images and sensations. Something is guiding me through the vision. The smell of peroxide.. Cold hard metal.. It all feels real but I am in a state of complete delirium, like I am watching my body from the outside.

Membrane Legacy 1.2


Professor Membrane does not like to speak about the Incident that occurred when he was a child, but it had radicalized him. An Incident that would slowly unravel the material world around him and isolate him from everything and everyone he had ever known. Daily life at his job in FutureSim Labs became increasingly hard, prone to angry and sometimes violent outbursts, Professor began to upset and scare everyone around him. The ostracization only made things worse. Due to this, he was forcibly "offered" a job at a new branch, a FutureSim chemistry laboratory in Oasis Springs.

Despite the exciting new job, the stress had begun to get to Professor- it began to eat away at his already feeble hold on the tangible world. No matter, Professor had one goal in mind at the new lab and he would stop at nothing to achieve it.

A found diary entry from Professor Membrane reads:

Dear Diary,
Today's work is of utmost importance. I plan to work on the final steps in synthesizing the food serum. The strawberries in the lobby entryway have finally ripened and it is time for me to begin the extraction of their bioactive compounds. If all goes correctly, I will be able to create a non-perishable food source capable of ingestion in space. I can tell that my coworkers are disturbed by my fervent work, by my knowledge. I can hear their gossip in the breakroom, even more deafening is the sudden silence that comes when I walk in.

Professor was so lost in his fantasies of traversing space that he nearly did not notice the searing heat and smell of burning fabric. Something had clearly gone awry with the machine, the machine that Professor used every day, 5 days a week. The machine that had never given him trouble before. As he became engulfed in flames, his unintelligble screaming alerted his new coworkers who took their sweet time returning to the lab.

Instead of concern, Professor's coworkers treated him with contempt, as if it were a nuisance that they had to come extinguish him. To them, Professor was but a pathetic new hire who obviously didn't understand how to safely operate the chemistry station. Considering he possessed a degree in organic chemistry from the Foxbury Institute, this deeply offended him. These people were clearly not on his side, and he did not trust them.

Membrane Legacy 1.1


FutureSim Labs
Human Resources Department
1234 Prospect Ln, Willow Creek

Dear Professor Membrane,

This letter is to inform you of your termination from the Willow Creek FutureSim Labs branch.
You have been terminated for the following reasons:

Unintellible Screaming
Workplace Harassment/Inciting Terror
(conspiracy theories, refutable accusations of spying)
Property Theft
Inappropriate Internet Usage

During your employment at the Willow Creek branch, many unsuccessful attempts have been made by your supervisors to address and resolve these issues. However, due to your outstanding performance and contributions to our organization, we have decided to offer you a relocation to our Oasis Springs laboratory.

Should you accept this offer, you will be agreeing to a cessation in all behavior referenced above. You will move into an available FutureSim Labs subsidized home in Oasis Springs and resume work in the Synthesis department as a Laboratory Technician.

If you wish to decline, you will have 6 months of continued health and dental insurance through the company.

Please consider our offer,
Eliza P